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Come to us and you will become the chance to see another lifestyle



Our passion is nature and a rustic life. So it became a special lifestyle by and by. We have a pack of Siberian Huskies, which is the base of our daily work. It's all about the Huskies and this is essential, because you only get a good relationship between human and animal when you spend a lot of time together. And this again is important for the training with sled or carriage.

Long ago the hobby changed not only to a job, but to a real lifestyle of ours. It's not enough to like the job with the dogs, all involved persons have to be full of enthusiasm and completely focused. Many people bring up problems like what about holidays or what about the very unsteady working hours... But if you can see your private life and your job as a unity, not only as work and if you really live this way, than all the problems will dissolve themselves automatically. On one side our dogs are our family members, friends and partners and on the other side they can also just be dogs, live their natural instincts and act in their pack/family like they want to. Out of this reason we decided that we want to build a kennel where all the dogs can live together and not be separated from each other.

Sure, we also have not so funny days. Sometimes nothing will go right or you're just fed up with anything. But generally speaking we achieve that, what we wanted to and what many people would like to have: we transformed our passion not only into our job, but to our whole life.

So by and by our Nature Trails GmbH came to life. We offer many events with and without our dogs and we have a lot of ideas to come. We try to integrate the dogs in our daily life. For example we use the Husky team instead of our car: to drive to the supermarket, to bring our kids to school or to realize business dates. The advantage: we and the dogs have a lot of challenges and we learn a lot with every new situation. But the best: we experience something together.

When we talk to people we often hear that nature is something strange. Sometimes where is no connection to nature. Kids have difficulties to walk over a meadow, to climb over little hills or they are afraid of woods. Also the respect for animals slowly fades away.

Hardly anybody really allows themselves to take a real rest. Even in the forest you have sometimes "city-atmosphere" - hectic rush and noise. Only few humans can really relax and wind down. It's really a pity so we try to open the eyes of people and bring them back the nature. In all of us is the desire to find a bit more nature. Slowly you will find your inner voice again and the own instincts will come back.


Many people dream of another life, aside of civilization, stress and all the every-day-pressure. But only a few realize this step back to the natural origin of life. We belong to this kind of people, which try to live a close-to-nature life as far as it is possible in Germany.


Your Andrea Hentschel & Steve Richter