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How it all started...

We are a little family business with 17 dogs.

Welpen 023
Welpen 139

At the beginning it should get a great hobby and it started really harmlessly with two dogs. After two and a half weeks the thrid dog find his way to us.

And so fate took his course and after short time there were 5 dogs here. (yeah, the Husky-fever got us)

Over night the remaining 5 dogs saw the light of day and so within one year we had ten Huskys in our kennel.


Because of the huge expenditure of time concerning the care and training of the dogs, the idea of offering Husky-tours to people was born.

And like the story with the dogs, there was coming one idea after another, we could offer more Husky-events and so we established "Husky-Kennel Richter" for a living.

There are a lot more ideas in our head and in the course of time there will be more events here on our homepage. So it's nether getting boring and it's worth looking on our website from time to time.

Meanwhile our little business increased up to 17 Huskys and now we could change ourself to the event-company Nature Trails GmbH.


Our event range varies from initial Husky-tours now to Husky-birthday-parties, Husky-family-days, Husky-Trekking-tours,
…and we even organize events for companies!