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Our dogs

We have 17 Siberian Huskies at our kennel. These dogs are really though against cold and extrem Arctic weather conditions. Bute also they are really sensitive and cuddly.

We introduce all our dogs separatly in the category "Our Team".



When it comes to running, they are hardly to stop. Even under hardest conditions they find a way to achieve their goal. Their is no comparable animal to conquer fast long distances. Even horses can't keep up with this.

At the Iditarod Race, the longest and hardest dog sled race in the world, which starts every year in March in Alaska, the dog teams run a distance of about 1.000 miles (1.600 km) in a period of 10 days.


Our dogs are trained troughout the year. (with sled or with carriage) The temperature limit is + 15 °C. So we have to train them on very hot days in the evening or in the early morning hours. We train the dogs almost daily on an average of 25 km, in winter time it can also be up to 100 km.

Half of our pack is from previous owners, which didn't want there dogs anymore because they couldn't handle the energy of them anymore. Almost every dog lived in a flat in a big city and had no idea of pulling a sled or a carriage. We showed them who to pull and work and this made them really happy.

Today we live with a pack of 17 Siberian Huskies. So the Huskies have a big family, with both friction and also a lot of affection.