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Steve Richter

Welp 321


As far as I can remember I was preferring to be outside in the nature to spend my time at home. Furthermore I love the extrem things which need commitment and a bit clout. More these things, which are not ordinary and who can't manage everybody.

So I followed my own path and didn't follow the rank and file. I still live this way, onyl now I have other options.

To live your American Dream here in Germany and to experience a bit freedom and adventure, I work with sled dogs. You can learn a lot from the dogs: what are your strenghts and weaknesses and how can you find back to nature. The dogs will set the pace, you as a human are allowed to take part, but you are more the secondarily part. So you get the possibility to spend a beautiful and fascinating time in the nature.

Andrea and i set up our own little kennel with Siberian Huskys and live our dream. This life is rustic and sometimes really exhausting, but if you love what you do, event this life can be great.

We don't notive, which plentitude we are permitted to experience. Only when you once undergo austerity (because you don't really need all these things which are showed in the commercials), you can enjoy your life again.

With the Husky-team we need one hour for 10 km. So now we are very thankful for our car, with which you can cover this distance in a few minutes. The world today is really fast moving, but because of that often superficial. Only a few people are satisfied with that, the bigger part of humanity wants it even faster.

We want to bring more peace and contentment in our live every day and so we want to enjoy what we have.

We want to share this possibility with other people, who are willing to leave the daily routine behind and are open to new experiences.

" Don't dream you life, live your dreams! "


Andrea Hentschel


From a very young age my parents couldn't get me out of the cowshed. As soon as I saw animals I was over the moon.

Soon I recognized my special fondness for the ancestor of our dogs. Wolves faszinated me more and more. Not only in Germany I observed wolf packs and their attitudes, the Yellowstone packs were next. In Montana I also got to know real nature in theie pure shape.


  After a bit of "normal" lift in my home town, I finally found my own pack at the Swabian Alb. With my daughter Elena, my partner Steve and 17 Siberian Huskys I feel comfortable. These animals are really similar to wolves concerning the physique and the life in the pack, but for me they have the loveliest character of all dogs.

Despite their naughty and playful character, they are really people-oriented and not at all aggressiv. Every dog of ours is fascinating on his or her very speical way. To experience nature with these originally animals: what could be better?

So join us on an extraordinary adventure. Become a team with our outgoing dogs and feel both: their power and their sensitivity.

My credo:

  • “The dog is a companion, who reminds us to enjoy the moment.” Marla Lennard
Your Andrea Hentschel




Our kids: Tom












 and Elena













 Here is our Husky-Team:

To find out more about the particular dog, just click on one of the pictures ...










                           Conan * 24.10.2003                                                        Laila * 20.03.2007










                            Brisko * 17.10.2007                                                          Arco * 22.12.2007


Mike * 15.05.2007                                                                       Mike * 15.05.2007


The next five, the litter of Laila & Arco :







                             Cooper * 09.11.2008                                                        Max * 09.11.2008









                              Buck * 09.11.2008                                                           Shenna * 09.11.2008


                                                                       Jack * 09.11.2008



Some time later Anuk came to us :


                                                                       Anuk * 10.07.2010


In the end of 2011 the puppies of Shenna and Brisko were born :








                          Keeko * 16.11.2011                                                           Whisky * 16.11.2011









                          Akira * 16.11.2011                                                            Raven * 16.11.2011


In the beginning of 2012 we received Sammy:


                                                                   Sammy * 15.06.2010


In the end of 2012 Boshka found his way to us :


                                                                      Boshka * 01.11.2010